How to Secure Your Business Name and Register Your Company

by Carol Brown

Get a RealMe login

The first thing you will need to do is get a RealMe login because this helps to identify you for different government agencies and you will need it before you start setting up online – as an example, after you register your business you may want to trademark which you can do by using the same identifying log in.


Secure your Company name

A small investment now will mean you won’t lose your ability to market and protect your name while you are getting everything else in order. This means you can secure your name prior to registering your Company. Use ONECheck as a starting point.


Reserving your Company name

Say you’ve decided to set your business up as a company: you will need to reserve the name with the Companies Office – it’s low cost, quick and easy to do online. You can either reserve your company as part of registering your company (per below), or you can reserve the name on its own in the first instance. Use your RealMe login – you’ll be required to fully incorporate your name within 20 working days of reserving it. If you miss this timeline you will need to start the process again and pay another small fee to register the name.


“A small investment now will mean you won’t lose your ability to market and protect your name while you are getting everything else in order.”

Register your Company

You will also need to register online with the Companies office if you have decided to structure your business as a company.


GST Registration

Earning more than NZD$60,000 per year? You will need to register for GST. You can register for GST at the same time you register your company (per above), alternatively you can register at a later stage. It’s quick, easy and free.


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