Neon sign saying "Market"

When you hear the word “marketing,” are you automatically turned off?

Do “marketing-schmarketing” thoughts enter your head? They shouldn’t. Let me tell you why marketing is absolutely critical to your business.

  1. Customers see a million messages a day. For your business to succeed, you need to break through this flood of information.
  2. You don’t personally know all of your customers (you might right now, but there’s a natural limit on that as a strategy). Marketing will enable you to expand your reach.
  3. Great marketing ensures your customers have an ideal experience while using your product or service. Keep them coming back. Again and again.

Take this test:

Tell me a product that is poor quality, but well marketed. Can you think of any brand that has annoyed you or not lived up to the hype?

Think about it.

Now, tell me a product that is great quality, but poorly marketed? Harder right? That’s because the likelihood of you even being aware of a product if it is poorly marketed is very slim.

Nowadays, great marketing and advertising is essential to a product’s success. Don’t have brand as a factor that could lead to a decline in your business.

“Nowadays, great marketing and advertising is essential to a product’s success.“

This is how to have a consistent and effective marketing plan:

  1. Pick a logo, pick a font, pick colours, and stick to them. Consistently. Never break the brand, no matter how easy it may seem at a particular time. I cannot stress the importance of this enough.
  2. Aim for your brand and marketing strategies to reflect your WHY. (If you haven’t read Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why,’ I would highly recommend it.)
  3. Know your customers. Try and think of things from the point of view of your customer. What do they like to do in their spare time? What matters to them? Appeal to that.
  4. Align your product and service with your customer’s behaviour. If you know that the customers you are looking to attract love face to face interactions, go and set up at a trade show or fair to showcase your product or service. Instead, if you know that your customers are scared to talk on the phone (Generation Y), then set up a chat service or use social media.For a custom-designed 1:1 marketing plan, contact us here.