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People don’t leave companies; they leave people. Emotional intelligence in the workplace is critical for success.

While artificial intelligence, automation and technology are taking over many routine tasks, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is fast becoming a key weapon for achieving excellence in individuals, team engagement, product innovation and customer experience.

Carol Brown is a certified EIQ practitioner and brings this powerful assessment tool to the attention of everyone in an organisation. EIQ Assessments are perfect for individual operators, those in customer-facing roles, salespeople, leadership roles, Millennials and older generations too.

Emotional Intelligence creates resilience in organisations.

Carol cites that Emotional Intelligence skills now accounts for 85 to 90 percent of what is required for exceptional performance and leadership in the workforce with this figure set to grow as more Millennials enter the fold (www.ihhp.com/future).

Technology disruption and changes are thrust upon people faster than ever before. To thrive, people are required to show agility, resilience, flexibility, problem-solving and innovation.

Strong emotional intelligence is someone who can operate with unbiased thinking and collaborate well with others to achieve goals.

The knowledge is waiting here.

Price: from $289 incl. GST

Plus, every EIQ Assessment receives:

  • 1 x FREE online DISC or EIQ Assessment for a Kiwi start-up business owner (if you are unsure who to gift this to we can select on your behalf and keep you informed).
  • An invitation to the monthly Coaching Circles

Tell me about the difference between the EIQ assessments!

Browse the different EIQ assessment offerings below to find out which one suits you and your team.

EIQ-2 assessment badge

EIQ-2 Self Assessment

Perfect for individual EIQ profiling, unlocking invaluable insights for a range of dynamic business applications.

EIQ 360 assessment badge

EIQ 360 Assessment

How do others see you? It’s different to how you perceive yourself. DISC 360 is invaluable for resolving miscommunication in the workplace and greatly improving team (and client) relationships.

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Looking for DISC?

Use the DISC assessment as an individual, group or leadership.