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Discover your unique drivers so you can lead and grow your business successfully.

Carol Brown is a certified DISC practitioner. Used by over 1 million people every year, DISC is a leading personal and behavioural assessment tool. More than a wishy-washy feel-good exercise, DISC is well-researched and focused on achieving results for your organisation and team.

Each profile includes action items and strategies for working with others, managing others, leading others, and selling to others.


DISC is about getting results for people just like you.

DISC is about relationships. It highlights how every individual differs, but can still work effectively together. Based on the theory of psychologist William Moulton Martson, the testing centres on four different personality traits, including Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

Proven and flexible

DISC is a flexible business tool and 109 will show you how to implement it into your workplace without the need to ‘set anything up’ before purchasing. From leadership development, management training, sales training, conflict management, customer service, communication or team-building, it is an ideal product with proven success-stories for all.

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The knowledge is waiting here.

Price: From $289 incl. GST.

Plus, every DISC Assessment receives:

  • 1 x FREE online DISC or EIQ Assessment for a Kiwi start-up business owner (if you are unsure who to gift this to we can select on your behalf and keep you updated).
  • An invitation to the monthly Coaching Circles webinar

So, which DISC assessment should I take?

Browse the different assessment offerings below to find out which one suits you and your team.


DISC self assessment badge

DISC Self Assessment

Perfect for individual behaviour profiling. You’ll unlock invaluable insights and identify how to use your unique communication style to best effect.
DISC sales assessment badge

DISC Sales Assessment

Users will learn how to adapt their selling style to fit the customer’s buying style, understand about their natural behavioural tendencies and identify their customer’s behaviours.
DISC leadership assessment badge

DISC Leadership Assessment

Trains managers to know their natural behavioural tendencies, identify their employees’ behaviours and adapt their leadership style to optimise the employees’ work style.
DISC 360 assessment badge

DISC 360 Assessment

How do others see you? It’s different to how you perceive yourself. DISC 360° is invaluable for resolving miscommunication in the workplace and greatly improving team (and client) relationships.

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