Natasha Udjur – One Oh Nine Events

Natasha loves creating memorable experiences.

The story about how One Oh Nine Events came to be is an inspiring case of triumph over adversity…

Before moving to the coastal town of Mangawhai, Natasha was an accomplished Regional Manager for a high-end fashion brand in Auckland. She had a team, worked with a diverse group of customers, and was incredibly creative and business savvy.  Tash had a passion to start an events business. She studied, got qualified, researched, and in theory was ready to go.

But then the “imposter syndrome” kicked in – was she good enough for this? Could she really make the impact required to be successful? Could she ‘start again’? Could she find the balance she needed to maintain one of her key values; family?

Her inner critic said no – she didn’t have the skills, time or money. However, with a bit of coaching and support from One Oh Nine, she felt the fear and did it anyway. Natasha was the first recipient of the #109ShopSmall annual grant.

“If it wasn’t for Carol as my One Oh Nine Business Coach, it would still be an idea in my head”

The result is an amazing business known as ‘One Oh Nine Events’ in Mangawhai, focused on weddings, corporate, and private events. Her customers and partners love her, and she has learnt a balance which means she still has time for her family focus.

We believe this is a great example of acknowledging the fear but not letting it hold you back, and of using the resources you have in order to move towards your passion. 

As One Oh Nine Business Coaches, we feel both privileged and proud to be along for the journey.

Excited about your new venture but overwhelmed at the thought of how you’re going to
make it all happen?

Wondering how you’re going to afford to get it off the ground without compromising on quality and professionalism?

In addition to our other services, we offer ongoing start up grants, as well as our #109ShopSmall annual grant – including financial support, coaching sessions, and tech to get you going.

Are you ready to start?

We can’t get wait to get started with you, so go on – make the first step!  We’d be happy to provide you with a quote!

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