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Meet the people behind the scenes…

Carol Brown and Jordanna Murray founded One Oh Nine.  Together, they carry a passion for small business and enabling success.  Learn how their skillset can complement YOUR business.

Carol Brown
Co-founder // Endless Gifter

Carol is a business superstar.

Working on the most iconic brands, she has gathered more than 20-years of sales and marketing experience in IT and consumer electronics, rising to the top in competitive work settings. Throughout her journey, she has been sponsored onto Senior Women in Leadership courses.
Did this spark an interest to help others?

While it gave her the confidence and qualifications to do so, Carol’s thirst for giving back comes from her own blood, sweat and tears to get ahead. From a high school drop-out, to a supermarket “check-out chick”, to NZ’s first female lawnmower rep – it took tenacity and self-belief to move up the ranks. It also called for courage to mix with people more qualified than herself and seek out mentors.

Carol is now a certified leadership and business coach. But her point of difference, or added weapon, will always be her ‘real-life’ career achievements. It’s her formula for the people she helps, and it’s her point of difference, or added weapon, and it’s measured against a simple benchmark, “will this advice help Joe Bloggs feed the family?”

Initially, Carol offered a range of mentoring, coaching and marketing, along with practical advice and grants. But this wasn’t enough to scale her vision. Using every possible resource and network at her fingertips, she has now exploded her vision with the launch of One Oh Nine. Carol has partnered with the most qualified and trusted enterprises to help start ups and small Kiwi businesses like yours.

Jordanna Murray
Co-founder // Nuts n Bolter

Jordanna is the how to Carol’s why.

It’s a tough gig but someone has to play the pragmatic role. She’s clever at taking Carol’s big ideas for One Oh Nine and piecing out the roadmap – roadblocks and all.

The pair were first introduced to one another at Microsoft. Over water-cooler chats, projects and deadlines, they realised how complementary their skillsets are. C respects J’s zest for marketing, branding, and storytelling, and J appreciates C’s visionary mind.

Jordanna’s marketing expertise at Microsoft has spanned everything from large consumer campaigns and events, to new business model design around ‘hardware as a service’. Where Carol took the straight out of school path, Jordanna completed university qualifications. Despite differing ways to achieve career heights, the work marriage couldn’t be better!

Fresh from a psychology degree and internship in marketing, Jordanna’s first role at Microsoft was focused on helping start ups, and small-medium sized New Zealand businesses. This sharpened her understanding of the journey many Kiwis’ face when growing a successful business. It’s a role she’s never forgotten. She is full of respect for Kiwi’s building businesses from the ground up – their energy, grit and hunger to succeed.

A strong corporate culture has shaped Jordanna, especially having spent the last few years in the corporate headquarters in Seattle, but has not defined her. She’s eternally grateful for the opportunities, eye-popping budgets, strategising, training and rapid learning. However, when Carol presented the One Oh Nine vision, it just felt right. It allows her to pay it forward, bringing her business knowledge back to the folk at One Oh Nine.

Jordanna’s family are proving to be the perfect case study. Two brother-in-laws have growing businesses, and she can’t wait to share One Oh Nine with them.

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