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Carol Brown // Founder

Certified Leadership Coach | DISC | EIQ | Board Member

As an internationally certified business coach in today’s modern workplace, Carol is very clear about her point of difference. She recognises the market is heavily supported with coaches, so she feels a duty of care to stand out from the pack. Carol has a generous spirit and creates a dynamic impact on the people she serves.

“I exist to support people and culture. In a saturated coaching market, I believe my strengths lie in digging deeper than functions or services within a business to exploring the power of people and their responsibility for success. My purpose is to see the opportunity in people and bring the right qualities together to make business hum. I take the tools and resources that the top 3% tap into and make them accessible for the other 97% of Kiwi business. My role is to unlock potential and see the results fire.”

Carol is well-regarded in the corporate landscape. She feels privileged to have shared amazing experiences in senior roles across iconic tech brands. Leading teams with a focus on consumer, enterprise, public sector, corporate and small medium business, she is now energised to “get down in the streets and really help people.” She recognises the amazing times we live in, with exciting and disruptive technology that only five years ago felt like science fiction. But with all that hype and change, she has recognised the need for a cultural catch-up.

“A big lesson I gleaned from my time in tech is that the essence of success is not technology; it is people and culture. When that foundation is right, the rest will flourish. In a coaching capacity, that’s my goal… to enable progressive company cultures, where everyone is clear on the goal, have the tools to strive and the mindsets to make it happen. The highest performing businesses have a culture where growth, authenticity, curiosity and empathy are encouraged.”

From a humble background, it took tenacity and self-belief for Carol to progress in her career. She mixed with people more qualified than herself and found mentors to assist. Now in a unique position, she can turn the table and focus her qualifications and learnings on Kiwi businesses.

Along with the classroom hours to become certified and her ‘lifelong learner’ mindset, Carol will always draw on her ‘real-life’ career experiences and achievements. She calls them her transformation stories – what’s worked, the lessons among mistakes and how to be resilient.

Best still, Carol lives with her target audience! She is married to a Kiwi business owner who manages a team of 10 in Mangawhai, Northland. She regularly tests and measures 109’s offering against this successful family business. So beyond the corporate intelligence, is a hardworking straight-shooter who brings a refreshing, real-world understanding of what business is like for 97% of our nation.

109 clients receive the best of high-level corporate thinking matched with small business reality. Carol has also partnered with qualified and trusted global suppliers to bring you the very best wisdom at your fingertips. That’s a compelling point of difference.

Put frankly, 109’s formula for supporting business and people is measured against a simple benchmark, “will my coaching help Joe Blog feed the family?”

Expect straight-talking, smart advice that’s wired for success.

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