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109 represents spring, a season of growth and change

The name 109 is reflective of the first day of spring in our corner of the world. September 1 is an anticipated date on the calendar, it represents a fresh new season and a period of growth. Spring is often when people feel motivated to try new things or change their course. All fitting sentiments for a business where growth and people are the heartbeat of everything it stands for.


We are people developers.

Business coaching isn’t just for the corporates or the big guys. You don’t need an impressive bottom line to explore how to grow your business and turn that hunger into action. We are here for you – the small and medium enterprises (SME) who put food on the table for about 97% of the nation. Tapping into your potential and providing the knowledge and tools to make a strategic leap ahead in business.


To create a positive impact on people in the workplace.

When you decide to delve into coaching, it must be informative, practical and relevant to the stage you are at in your business journey. That’s our purpose. To create a meaningful difference to the people and culture that make up your organisation. Considering SMEs are such vital contributors to the NZ economy, we believe that deserves our full attention.


Provide certified business leadership and coaching to shape and grow people in the workplace.

Our services to support our vision and make a big difference to Kiwi businesses include one-on-one coaching, workshops, online assessments and change management.

Even if you’re not sure how 109 can help, reach out for a relaxed chat today.

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