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109 is dedicated to getting the best out of your people so your team can thrive in business. 109 is all about Growing Great People


What people are saying

You are small and medium-sized
But you are a BIG deal

As the backbone of our economy, you are ordinary people doing
extraordinary things.

We are 109, certified leadership and business coaches. But really, we’re your partner in potential. Call us people developers, because that’s our purpose.

We exist to feed your hunger, level-up your skills, nurture growth.
unleash courage and see you thrive in business

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We offer an accessible and relevant coaching service for every SME, regardless of industry of scope. We focus on humans. Whether it’s creating team harmony, boosting motivation, finding growth opportunities, building sales revenue and achieving more. 109 holds the answer in a refreshingly modern, frank and fun manner.

Happy hungry humans + an expert coach = a high performing workplace.

It’s a simple (and complex) as that.

The knowledge is waiting here.

Leadership Coaching

One to one coaching that’s
wired for success.
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Personality Testing

The ultimate business tool for unlocking human potential.
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Group Workshops

Create a high-performing work
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